Supplements for PMS mood swings

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Most women experience some symptoms of PMS in the days leading up to their monthly period. Each woman's symptoms are different and can vary month to month.

But it's important to know that PMS is not something you have to live with. It's a sign of a hormonal imbalance in your body that can be fixed with PMS supplements and lifestyle changes. 

You can thrive on a daily basis by adopting a lifestyle you probably already know is good for you and adding a layer of supplements on top to get your hormones in balance. For something that happens every month. It’s worth it. Do yourself a solid and give them a try for at least two cycles to see how much better you feel.

A number of powerful plants and vitamins have been shown to help ease PMS symptoms and mood swings by improving metabolic function and hormone metabolism. Here are the superstars:

Superherbs and Adaptogens

  • Ashwagandha: Regulates hormones and the immune system. Lowers stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and food cravings. Improves energy levels, cognitive function and concentration. Enhances sexual performance health.
  • Black Cohosh: Balances hormones because it is a phytoestrogen, which can help to lower elevated estrogen or raise low estrogen. Used to treat menopause symptoms, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and dysmenorrhea (or painful periods).
  • Chasteberry: Decreases levels of prolactin, which in return balances out estrogen and progesterone. Reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms, heavy periods, migraines, and acne. Also used as an infertility treatment for women. Studies of over 5,000 women have found it effective.
  • Coconut: Coconut Milk & MCT are great sources of ​medium-chain triglycerides that play an important role in the production and balance of hormones. Healthy fats are key to a balanced biology and energy production.
  • Dong Quai: Used for menstrual cramps, PMS, menopausal symptoms and to manage infertility. Has been used as an herbal medication for over 2,000 years.
  • Fu Ling: Aids with weight loss and removes fungus to counteract mushroom content. Also known as Poria Mushrooms.
  • Saffron: Clinical studies show a reduction of mood swings, irritability, and depression from hormone imbalance.
  • Shavatari: Helps regulate cycles, relieve menstrual cramps, balance hormones, and addresses polycystic ovarian syndrome, oocyte quality, follicular growth/development and infertility
  • Wild Yam: Supports women’s reproductive health system and contains a powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve menstrual cramps and chronic pelvic pain

B Vitamins 

The B vitamins are super important for helping to maintain balanced hormones. In particular, B6 is incredibly important to help support healthy hormone balance as it helps with the production of progesterone but you want to make sure you are taking a B vitamin complex to cover off on all your needs. A vitamin B deficiency can create estrogen imbalance contributing to fatigue and mood swings. 

Talk to a functional medicine doctor

Functional medicine doctors can order tests that give you a clear picture into what is happening inside your body. With their knowledge and insights, you can get an individualized game plan to help you tackle the issue and get well quickly. We highly recommend Michelle Hirsch at Beyond the Mountain Wellness. She is a women’s hormonal health expert and can recommend individualized supplements to help with pms.

Our Recommended Supplement:

We recommend Ladywell’s Daily Hormone Balance as the best supplement for pms mood swings and hormonal imbalance. Its comprehensive formula contains the most powerful natural ingredients to relieve symptoms of PMS, reduce the effects of hormonal stressors, combat cravings, improve overall egg health and balance hormones to help your body run optimally.

It's important to take supplements for pms mood swings and supplements for period cramps if you are experiencing those symptoms. If you are doing hormone therapy check with your doctor first.

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