Where are Ladywell products made?

Our products are proudly made in the USA (California to be exact). All our products are tested to ensure they are clean, safe and effective.


Can you take Ladywell when pregnant?

Ladywell is designed to help prep your body for pregnancy and aid in postpartum recovery. Most herbs in general are not tested on pregnant women due to ethical reasons, therefore we don't recommend taking Ladywell as there are not enough studies to warrant use. You can stop taking Ladywell once you learn you are pregnant.


Can you take Ladywell while on birth control? 

Yes. Ladywell is great to use while on or off birth control. Your birth control method is irrelevant to reaping the benefits of Ladywell. Ladywell is great to help you transition off birth control as well as it will help with those hormonal changes.


What’s the difference between the capsules and powder version of the products?

Life is busy so we wanted to provide two ways to take the same formula for flexibility. There isn't much of a difference between the two except the amount of the ingredients per serving. The powder is slightly more potent as it has more room to carry more of the active ingredients. The powder holds 1295mg of the herbal/mushroom blend and the capsules hold 1083 mg of the blend per serving. Many women switch off between the two.

The ingredients the powder has that the capsules do not are coconut creamer, MCT powder, black pepper, hemp and vanilla. Those are mainly to create the creamy texture and flavor. Black pepper helps with period pain.  


Where do you ship?

We currently only ship in the USA. But if you wish to buy internationally, we may be able to accommodate that. Email us at: hello@getladywell.com


Do you use artificial ingredients? 

No. We only use the highest quality natural ingredients. 


Have your products been tested for mold/mycotoxins, bacteria, lead/heavy metals?

Yes. Our products are third-party tested to maintain safety and efficacy. 


Are your products vegan? 

Yes. We don't use any animal products or test on animals. 


How long does it take the product to work?

We recommend taking Ladywell for 3 months daily to experience the full benefits (common to most all supplements, herbs and adaptogens). It's going to take between 6 weeks and 3 months to correct most nutritional deficiencies as a rule of thumb when you take a supplement.

Supplements can take weeks to months to work because it takes time for the body to build up nutrient stores, especially if you're deficient. The time it takes to see results depends on the type of nutrient/vitamins, your current level of that nutrient, and how quickly your body absorbs nutrients.


Does your packaging contain PFAs?

None of the raw material or finished materials of our bags contain PFAs.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to: hello@getladywell.com