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Designed by experts with ovaries

Expertise and efficacy are foundational principles to Ladywell. All our products are formulated in combination by functional medicine doctors, herbalists and experts in hormonal women's health. We take an integrative approach to bridging the philosophies of ancient Chinese Medicine and modern Functional Medicine to treat hormonal health imbalances. We are proud to partner with Michelle Hirsch at Beyond the Mountain Wellness.

Created with purpose

Our purpose is simple: We aim to give women the tools to care for their hormones and feel good. Ladywell was created as a way to bring comprehensive and convenient health solutions to women of all ages.

With a culture hyperfocused on symptom relief, our approach is to treat the root cause to eradicate the issue altogether. There is a lack of healthy plant-based solutions for women, and we aim to fill that void.

Clean, ethical and effective

Ladywell’s philosophy is to focus on targeted, science-based formulations. We aim to create effective products that easily fit into your life. Our products are third party tested and triple checked to ensure everything meets our high standards.

Taking pills/capsules is not as effective a delivery method as eating your supplements is. We take the best bio delivery approach available to ensure we are providing your body with everything it needs for optimal performance.

Our Founder

I struggled with horrible hormonal issues for most of my life. The moment I went through puberty, I was thrown into a cycle of mood swings, debilitating cramps and an array of other unpleasant PMS symptoms. There weren't any easy-to-find resources for me to understand what was happening and how to fix it. Hormonal birth control was the only solution I was presented with and that led to other issues. I struggled to get pregnant with my first child and that’s when I really kicked it into high gear.

Through years of research and herbalism studies, I uncovered solutions that helped me dramatically. Through this journey, I was inspired to share the knowledge I had collected and build a company to make hormone care more accessible and mainstream. Our hormones are forever changing and I’m here to help women along their life journey.

- Ashley, Founder of Ladywell